Winkler County Memorial Hospital

This critical access hospital was built in the late 1940's as a 44-bed facility, but due to the decline in population the hospital was not seeing enough patients to support that size of facility. The new addition accommodates advancement in technology, energy efficient systems, expansion capabilities, and changes in the local environment with a focus on inpatients and emergency services.

The nursing stations and support areas for both the inpatient and emergency services are in close proximity and share support spaces to fit the limited staffing capabilities of this small hospital. This was done while still maintaining secure access, so that a single reception point could monitor both non-emergent patients/visitors and emergent walk-in patients while maintaining the required separation between the two.

The ED includes three exam rooms, an isolation room, a triage room, and two trauma rooms. The medical wing is comprised of nine semi-private rooms and an isolation room, accommodating 19 beds in total. In addition, the facility houses an imaging department (including CT, X-ray, and ultrasound), full on-site dietary and laundering capabilities, pharmacy, lab, respiratory therapy, physical therapy and other support services.


Kermit, TX

Winkler County Memorial Hospital


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