Urology Associates of North Texas

Urology Associates of North Texas (UANT) is one of the nation’s largest fully-integrated urology practices. Their facility inside of the USMD Hospital in Arlington, Texas includes 11,000SF of renovated space and a 5,000SF expansion on the south face of the hospital. The addition provides the cancer center its own entry into the hospital and branded identity.

The facility includes both a Radiation Therapy and a Urology Clinic. The radiation therapy portion of the facility consists of three exam rooms, one CT Scan and one Linear Accelerator Vault. The clinic area is broken down into three “pods” that are located around one large open centralized nurse station. Each Pod consists of four exam rooms and one consult room served by two physicians. The cancer treatment experience will always be a difficult one, but with the use of quality finishes, diffused lighting, and subtle architectural elements, this facility aims to provide a comfortable environment that is soothing for patients and their families.

Because of the practice’s growth potential, the facility at USMD Hospital was designed for future expansion. To round out the Radiation Therapy portion of the facility, an area for a future HDR (High Dose Radiation) vault has been designed. Also, the foundation of the expansion was designed for the addition of a second vault that can accept either another Linear Accelerator or a Cyberknife machine.

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