ConciER Emergency Room

An ED physician approach the E4H team with a vision to build a series of freestanding Emergency Departments across the state. Once developers and financiers were onboard, a prototype was developed along with a team of consultants and contractors. Programming and designing alongside several ED Physicians, a franchise model was generated that closely reflected the needs and operations of both staff and patients. The franchise grew quickly around the State of Texas.

After great success with the initial franchise model, the team was re-commissioned to examine how the prototype could adapt to unique site and programmatic needs. The team developed three different prototypes (small, medium and large) for each department susceptible to variances in demand. In addition, the team was asked to research different regions where the organization sought to grow. Working with city officials, health departments and fire marshals throughout Texas and neighboring states, the team familiarized the client with the unique opportunities and challenges associated with development in each region. Equipped with an understanding of regional identity, designers then developed a palette of skin options. This kit of parts allows for each prototype to be tailored to blend into the architectural surroundings and landscape of the region. This model has been successfully implemented over 30 Freestanding Emergency Departments for Concier and the firm has been contracted for more.

TX & Various States


6,500SF – 7,000SF

Emergency Department

Emergency Department



Emergency Departments