MSKCC Electron Microscopy Suite

The decommissioning and renovation of an existing conference room
and storage closet within the existing laboratory research building
accommodated a new Electron Microscope Laboratory for the Structural
Biology Department. The new space, when fully commissioned, will
support a Titan Krios G2 TEM System as manufactured by FEI.
Given the strict tolerances required by an Electron Microscope, including
but not limited to the sensitivity to room temperatures, heat dissipation,
magnetic fields, acoustic and floor vibration, structural support, and room
cleanliness, a full review of the building’s existing MEP and Structural
infrastructure was performed. As a result, we provided the necessary
MEP upgrades, including new radiant cooling panels, a dedicated UPS,
and tie-ins with the existing building chilled water. Additionally, as the
room is located above an active parking garage, extensive structural
support was added to support the new EM and provide the vibration
isolation necessary.
The project team worked closely with FEI and TMC, FEI’s preferred
vibration isolation and EM canceling consultant, throughout the design
and construction process in order to meet the EM requirements.

New York, NY

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer

800 SF

Cyro Electron Microscope

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